Local 3D Editing via 3D Distillation of CLIP Knowledge

1KAIST AI 2Kakao Enterprise 2Scatter Lab


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3D content manipulation is an important computer vision task with many real-world applications (e.g., product design, cartoon generation, and 3D Avatar editing). Recently proposed 3D GANs can generate diverse photorealistic 3D-aware contents using Neural Radiance fields (NeRF). However, manipulation of NeRF still remains a challenging problem since the visual quality tends to degrade after manipulation and suboptimal control handles such as 2D semantic maps are used for manipulations. While text-guided manipulations have shown potential in 3D editing, such approaches often lack locality. To overcome these problems, we propose Local Editing NeRF (LENeRF), which only requires text inputs for fine-grained and localized manipulation. Specifically, we present three add-on modules of LENeRF, the Latent Residual Mapper, the Attention Field Network, and the Deformation Network, which are jointly used for local manipulations of 3D features by estimating a 3D attention field. The 3D attention field is learned in an unsupervised way, by distilling the zero-shot mask generation capability of CLIP to the 3D space with multi-view guidance. We conduct diverse experiments and thorough evaluations both quantitatively and qualitatively.



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